IMPORTANT! Carefully read these conditions before using this website. If you use this web site is considered that you have accepted and agree to these terms. If you disagree with these terms, do not use this site!

These Conditions govern the relationship between SISO Ltd. (hereinafter called nab-shop.com) on the one hand and users of electronic (Internet) sites and services located in the nab-shop.com domain and its subdomains (hereinafter referred to as Site), and the relations with the users when using information and commercial services offered by SISO Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Services).

These conditions are valid for all users. By clicking on each object, link or button located on the pages of nab-shop.com (excluding link to the current Disclaimer) Users agree to fully accepts and undertake to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

"SISO" Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered address at:

Bulgaria, 9700, Shumen, № 1 Dedeagach Street, Apt. 33.

Bulstat number: 127523969,

VAT Number: BG127523969.

1. Terms of use of nab-shop.com
The user understands and accepts the fact that information services and the Site are provided "AS IS" and that nab-shop.com assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, and failure to provide information on completed contracts to the User or its other users’ opinions and product reviews, information about not available products, as well as for damages, lost profits and other damages that have occurred as a result of or due to use (or inability to use because of technical problems, prevention, administrator’s decisions etc). In the event that the use of this site results in a loss or damages and a repair or correction of equipment or user information is necessary, the User takes al responsibility and all costs associated with the removal of such damage.

To use the Site, the User must obtain access to the World Wide Web directly or through other devices that have access to Web-based content. Furthermore, the user must ensure everything necessary equipment to access the World Wide Web, including computer, modem or other things to access the Internet. Nab-shop.com only provides information of the Site and is not responsible for any interference or technical problems, disrupting the use of the Site.

2. User obligations upon registration
Given the use of the Site of nab-shop.com, the user agrees:
a) to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about him/herself when filling out the registration form (hereinafter referred to as the personal data);
b) to make changes where necessary in the personal data in terms of their correctness, accuracy, timeliness and completeness.
If the user provided false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, nab-shop.com has the right to close and / or delete the information for his mailing address and to refuse further access to part or all of its services.
In view of security and privacy of its users, nab-shop.com notify parents that the materials and services are available to the widest audience and that the determination of appropriate services and materials for use by their children is their own responsibility.

3. Privacy Policy of nab-shop.com
According to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, Users have access to their own Personal data entered or made available to the nab-shop.com when using it on the Site, and to update or change these personal details.
By accepting these terms Consumers who have registered a username and password expressly agree their personal data (including selected username and password) to be processed by nab-shop.com electronically for the delivery of ordered goods or if necessary to get help from nab-shop.com employees.
All of the users’ voluntarily provided personal and other data to identify the Users in the process of using the site is stored, processed and used by nab-shop.com for maintenance of specific functionalities and services for the advertising of goods and services offered in all sites of SISO LTD.
nab-shop.com expressly acknowledges the Users that the personal data provided shall not be presented to third parties for advertising and promotional purposes.
nab-shop.com reserves the right to use IP addresses and other Users’ data to reveal their identity where it is necessary to implement the law, legal procedures or to comply with these conditions.

4. Access, username and password, security
The user receives his desired username (if not already used by registered user) and password to access all services of nab-shop.com after completing the registration process.
User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her username and password. By using them declares that he personally and his name is entirely responsible for all activities, access to which is performed with the use of his/her username and password.
User agrees to immediately notify nab-shop.com for any unauthorized use of his/her username and password or any other breach of security.
In the event of loss (forgetfulness) of password and explicit request by the User, nab-shop.com will automatically send e-mail message to the e-mail address provided in the registration form containing the username and password.
nab-shop.com is not responsible for any damages and losses incurred due to failure to comply with this section.

5. Consumer behavior
Users of the site understand that the information data, published opinions, text, software, music, sound, photographs or other materials (collectively referred to as "Content") that are public or communicated confidentially, are the sole responsibility of person who generates this content.
The user of this site is fully responsible for the publications or broadcasting in any other manner of contents provided by the Site. Nab-shop.com do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or truthfulness of transmissions and distribution of content through the Site.
Using the site, the user may encounter Content that is offensive, indecent or unacceptable. Nab-shop.com is not responsible under any circumstances for any content created by users, including errors and omissions in it and / or any damage or injury of any kind incurred as a result of using contents exposed, published, transmitted or sent otherwise through the Site.

User agrees not to use the site of nab-shop.com, to:
a) formulate, forward or transmit in any way Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar or violating the confidentiality or unacceptable in terms of racial, ethnic or other reasons;
b) to advertise content of goods and services outside the site, and publish web links pointing to pages outside the Site and services, with the exception of places where it is specifically mentioned as allowed.
c) deal with content that might be harmful to children;
d) be submitted for individual or group of people, including but not limited to: a representative of nab-shop.com, representative of the manufacturer and others. and to mislead about his/her belonging to a group of people or individual;
e) falsify headers or otherwise manipulate identification means to subtle origin of Content transmitted through the Site;
f) to formulate, transfer, publish or otherwise transmit Content that has no right to transmit under law or as a result of contractual or other confidential relationships (such as inside information, confidential information or proprietary information obtained as a result of rent relations, or the subject of non-disclosure agreements);
g) to formulate, transfer, publish or otherwise transmit Content that infringes any patent, trade, copyright or other proprietary right ("Rights") of any party;
h) to formulate, transmit, publish or otherwise transmit unauthorized advertising, junk mail, spam, "chain letters", directed by alias subdomains, "pyramid schemes" or other forms of solicitation;
i) to formulate, transmit, publish or otherwise transmit material containing computer viruses or other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, disturb or restrict the operation of computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;
j) to affect the normal operation of other users of the Site, including if you do not use it to interfere in any other manner that adversely affects the ability of other users to engage in real time exchanges;
k) to prevent the provision of services on the Site or subvert the operation of the servers or networks connected to the services;
l) intentionally or unintentionally violates local, national or international law;
m) to pursue or otherwise disturb other users;
n) to collect and use other users’ personal information illegally.

Nab-shop.com reserves the right to limit and / or refuse access to the Site to users who once or systematic violate the requirements listed in section 5.
Nab-shop.com reserves the right to edit and remove information given by user which is in violation of the requirements in section 5.

6. Copyright and related restrictions
Nab-shop.com entitles consumers to enjoy all the services which are provided at the Site only for personal non-commercial purposes, provided that it does not infringe the copyright of nab-shop.com or third party related directly or indirectly with the materials on the Site. Do not allow material on this Site to alter or to be copied or publicly distributed for any public or commercial purpose. The use of published on this website materials on other sites is prohibited.
The materials on this site are protected by copyright and related rights and any unauthorized use may be an infringement of copyright, trademark or other laws.
Nab-shop.com reserves the right to assign rights to publish the material and any pieces of information on the Site to third parties on an additional contract governing the rights and obligations in writing between nab-shop.com and face the information.
When buying goods forming the subject of copyright and / or patent rights nab-shop.com do not submit any additional rights of use and distribution, unless the specifically mentioned rights and / or licenses from the manufacturer / distributor of the product.
The available software which is accessible through links posted on this website is protected by copyright and is owned by the respective manufacturers and / or their distributors and partners. Before using the software read the Terms of Service determined by its owners.
The publication of consumer information on the site, the user declares that holds the copyrights and provides the right to nab-shop.com to distribute it in the pages of the site, and other materials relating to "SISO LTD.
All goods and services offered by nab-shop.com are protected by copyright and related rights and are offered in its original format and packaging without any effect from the side of nab-shop.com, and according to the licenses and rights for distribution given by the manufacturers / distributors for Bulgaria.

7. Links from and to nab-shop.com
Owners of sites and pages outside of nab-shop.com may create links to each HTML page of nab-shop.com having in mind the following conditions:
a) reference may point to the given page but not copy its content. Copying of certain content from a given page is allowed but with a text of not more than 10 words;
b) one must not open the page of nab-shop.com in framed and to supplement or modify the information from the page in any way. These include prohibiting the addition of information before, after and / or around the site of nab-shop.com;
c) links must not explicitly or implicitly indicate that nab-shop.com recommends it and / or its products;
d) one must not provide false or misleading information about products and / or services of nab-shop.com;
By creating a link to nab-shop.com site owner declares that it accepts these general conditions, even if they use the services of nab-shop.com;
Owners of sites and pages outside of nab-shop.com must not create links to images, multimedia samples, etc.. content, but only to HTML pages that provide this content.

The links provided on the site of nab-shop.com to other sites owned by third parties are published solely for the convenience of users. When using such reference users use a service which is not provided by nab-shop.com and then the terms and conditions applicable to this site are not valid.
Nab-shop.com does not control these sites and accepts no responsibility for any of them and / or their content. Thus nab-shop.com by no means does not recommend these sites nor the information published therein to users. The visit and all risks related to such a visit on these sites is the sole responsibility of the user.

8. Goods and services presented on the Site
Each item presented in the site has its price, basic characteristics and additional information which aims to help the choice of the User when purchasing the product. Nab-shop.com is not responsible for inaccuracies in the product description apart from its basic characteristics and does not pretend for the exhaustiveness of the information. Furthermore, users can post opinions and evaluations on each page and for every product offered. Nab-shop.com is not bind in any way to these reviews and evaluations and can not be held liable on their credibility.
Nab-shop.com reserves the right to publish the names, models and other information about the goods in English when:
a) There is a possibility to lose valuable information on the characteristics of the product in the;
b) There is no generally accepted terminology unique to the Bulgarian language;
c) the product itself is a carrier of information in English, such as books, music and movies in English;
All Web site prices are in Euro including VAT. In the event that certain product has several modifications all prices for the different modifications are listed on the product’s page.
If the product does not fall within a promotional program, which should be explicitly mentioned, there is a price for the delivery which is additionally calculated to the final price. The price for delivery depends on the value of the goods, weight and physical dimensions, destination and way of delivery. Every item’s page has reference to the delivery price calculator. The calculated price applies only to the particular item and is only valid if the item is shipped to the selected destination. Nab-shop.com reserves the right to charge you a lower price in order to supply the goods.
Nab-shop.com may at any time without notice make changes in published materials, services and prices. Some of the published materials may be outdated, and nab-shop.com assumes no obligation to update them. Some of the information published on the Site may refer to products, services or programs that are not offered and are not currently available.

9. Purchase of goods and / or service provided in nab-shop.com
After registering on the Site, the User has the right to order goods and services represented by nab-shop.com. In making the order the customer has the right to choose the goods and their quantity, the method and timing of delivery according to the suggested options on the site.
The consumer has the right to change the selected goods and/or services at any time until the completion of the order.
When making an order from the site the User enters into contractual relations with nab-shop.com, concerning the purchased item and covered by these General Conditions, the contract is deemed to be made:
a) For users purchasing for the first time – after confirmation of the order made by following the instruction of the site
b) For Users purchasing regularly - after confirmation of the order

Nab-shop.com has the right to change the prices by its own consent at any time without any advance notice. The User is obliged to pay the price that was actual in the time of making the order no matter if it is higher or lower than the current one. In case of technical mistakes in the site, nab-shop.com has the right to refuse performance of the contract and does not hold benefit to the customer in any way except to recover the amount paid and / or deposited by the user if any. Notification for reduced prices is done by placing the new price near the old price which is scratched. Unless a certain period is stated for the discounted price, it applies until stock out, but not more than 1 month or 6 months if it is under art. 66 para. 2 CPA.

10. Delivery of purchased goods
Delivery of goods ordered is made in a manner chosen by the user and according to those terms. Nab-shop.com reserves the right to extend those deadlines by up to 7 days without informing the user and to extend the period with more than 7 days with prior approval by the User.
Nab-shop.com reserves the right to change the subcontractor making the supply without prior warning to the User as long as it does not change the mode of delivery. 

11. Payment for purchased goods and services
In case of cash payment the User is obliged to deposit the full amount in the moment of delivery to nab-shop.com or its representative making the delivery. The User might return part of or the whole delivery within a one week period. If this is the case, nab-shop.com is obliged to give back the corresponding amount. In case the User does not return the goods within this period, nab-shop.com considers this order automatically confirmed. No money back guarantee.
In case of bank transfer, the User deposits the amount equal to the value of the purchased goods/services in the bank account of nab-shop.com and only when the deposit is confirmed the goods and services are delivered. The User might return part of or the whole delivery within a one week period. If this is the case, nab-shop.com is obliged to give back the corresponding amount. In case the User does not return the goods within this period, nab-shop.com considers this order automatically confirmed. No money back guarantee.
The fulfillment of orders for goods that require warranty deposit will be deemed after the deposit is made. With making the deposit, the User declares that he/she will purchase the goods chosen and will deposit the remaining amount at the acceptance of the delivery. In case the User declines to accept the goods or uses his/her right to return the goods in one week after acceptance, nab-shop.com is obliged to return only the second part f the deposit and will keep the warranty deposit as compensation. 

12. denial of purchased goods
Consumer has the right to decline one or more of the ordered goods within 7 days of receipt of the order if a product is in the form in which it is delivered and not damaged.
If a defective product is found in 24 hours after the reception and in case the packing and the commercial appearance of the good is preserved, nab-shop.com will change the good with new one according to the warranty terms of the good’s producer or to return back the money deposited for it according to Art. 55 of the CPA from the date on which the consumer has exercised its right of refusal.
After this deadline or in case there is a breach of the sales appearance or packaging the goods should be repaired according to the terms described in their warranty.Transportation and other costs for obtaining and returning the goods are at the expense of nab-shop.com. For non-compliance of the product with the main features listed on the page, nab-shop.com refunds the deposited amount, including transportation costs for the goods according to Art. 59 para. 3 of the CPA, within 7 days of receipt of goods and undistorted condition of the product and packaging.

13. Warranty
Nab-shop.com issues a warranty card with all needed information for goods that are subdued to a warranty service.
The warranty expires:
a) in lost warranty card
b) in an attempt to repair by unauthorized by nab-shop.com service
c) if damaged by incorrect operation
d) In case of violation of the physical integrity of the device
f) in case of the influence of chemical, electrical or other effects unrelated to the normal operation of the product
Warranty does not cover those components of the product with limited shelf life (batteries, supplies, etc.). Warranty service is performed by nab-shop.com, where there is full documentation of the device and accessories.
Materials and services on this site are limited only to the conditions provided. Nab-shop.com’s obligations for products and services offered in this Site are governed by the agreements with their importers / distributors and nothing presented on this site can change them.

14. Other
Nab-shop.com has the right to change the technology and design of the services provided without prior notification.
Nab-shop.com reserves the right to send messages to its customers relating to new services or changes in terms and conditions of use.
Given the international nature of the Internet network and the fact that nab-shop.com is connected to this network, nab-shop.com can not guarantee that the information flow to and from the nab-shop.com will not be closely monitored and recorded by third parties, except in cases where SSL (encrypted) connection is used where the protection of the link is subject to the international SSL certificate.

Nab-shop.com manages this site from its office in Shumen, Bulgaria. Nab-shop.com cannot guarantee that the materials and services on this site are appropriate or available outside Bulgaria and thus access to them from territories where their contents are illegal is not allowed. 

These conditions may be updated at any time without specific notice to Users. Nab-shop.com is not responsible if the user has not read the last version of the current conditions.  

When using the services of store.bg the user undertakes to comply with these conditions and any other conditions imposed by the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria and the International law, even if not specified in these terms.


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